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tv   Headline News  RT  January 22, 2014 6:00am-6:30am EST

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riot police and the ukrainian congress will push forward and ted down barricades set up by and to government rioters all under a reign of rocks and molotov cocktails. delegations. to separated syrian peace talks exposing councils between the grand schemes of the country's future envisioned by that participants that. the new mothers in damascus forced to give bus and bobbins but now is trying for their children to live and the reunited syria.
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international news and call in july from moscow you will she also international with me you know hello and welcome to the program. police in the ukrainian capital are forcing anti-government ryan to abandon the barricades that has violence in central kiev rolled into its fourth day running and he's an ex a guest have say is that for us right now alexei looks like the front line have been shifting that well has it like now. because if you knew it was so clear. that a horse i just could not. go full and push the protest to the second. quarter to quarter roger back to the defendant set up the first light i'm going to before i'm standing right now but that the protesters chargeback it because. they feel like to me this is not it's where i'm standing right now but this is what
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should be taking every minute before some political forces try to structure the defense what and then again the. last rounds are being exploited all the time factor both of the strikers are burning all across. the public with black smoke very hostile. most of the five o'clock hour coming on this side of the protesters. see them starting right now probably less. rock at them they are not buying that not. only. that but all the protests you've got. again so you can use of race is very much a they both was a little more safe several hours ago when my call to get over went down to the
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crowd and filed this report for us. the scene and said to kiev always say we saw no. night a good night of stuff off between police and dry it says in the sense of the ukrainian capital what you can see just going on behind me over there a riot is still throwing molotov cocktails huge pieces of masonry we're talking about rocks about twice the size of my fist into being killed from the barricades to the police set up by riot is the first case goals that are made up of good tell police vehicles that some of the said rights have been taken away by the ambulance service here but only after they dropped by in pause the said these these people have come certainly very well we're just moving away from the situation it's going on just over my left shoulder there where volatile cocktails go to a book the book has appeared to have. gone off in amongst those rioters there was
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throwing the police say i do hope nobody is caught up in not in the hood. yes we have seen people taken away by the ambulance services we have seen groups just over behind by the cameras basically getting ready set up like platoons in the military being getting old as these people have all come but they all come with helmets that will come with must of old quite heavily armed with three big metal boss sticks shields everything like that some of those shields we come around to you can see some of those shields once belonged to the police it seems that they've come and did some of those shields that had been being used against them these rights is here and in central kiev in order to. to use them again against the police it is independence it is national unity day here in kiev that mean here in ukraine that's a national holiday and that means that we've seen many many more people turn out
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here into the center of ukrainian capital in order to to take parts into what is descending into well really a five very violent scene in a continuous violent standoff between scientists and demonstrators here in kiev. and let's not get more on the situation in ukraine from. his a senior international relations lecturer and research from the moscow state university mr knox about us thank you very much for joining us here at the very nice to thank you for having me on wonderful ok the u.s. we know that the u.s. is revoking its phases over what they call violence towards protesters but what kind of violence how is saying that so what we're seeing that is that the riot police moving in and out and trying to take upon the barricades that. is not and that ok well what we're hearing from the united states and from the european union is of course the most cynical hypocrisy after the last few years of the brutal
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police repression of the occupy wall street movement in the united states and the anti neoliberal austerity diktats that have been instituted around the european union which brought literally tens of millions of protesters out onto the street. them calling against violence in the ukraine where the majority of the injuries for the past few days have been from the police did and suffered injuries from allah calls talked tales firebombs knife stabbings club beings with morning stars withered shots from trebuchets constructed in the my don and bows and arrows so i mean there were afraid to seeing a level of medieval violence from the protesters that is where the real violence in these protests has come from but still there's been reports of the first that some of the key is going to become some kind of point of no return ok so we've had reports of three deaths at this point one of them has been confirmed this is
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a survey need to be i'm certain you go beyond was in the photographs posted on social media just a few months ago training for the protests in kiev wearing militarized camouflage gear and firing an assault rifle. this young man was on a vantage on top of a colonnade where he was raining firebombs down on police when he fell to his own death. however it is. without a doubt that the protesters will bring these deaths forward as. an excuse for a further escalation and we could indeed see this to be the flaming and spark that could lead in potentially worst case scenario even to the worse of you. if you want as well violence like we're saying openly nationalist groups ranks of trying to say. in the spotlight and now we're hearing reports about increased
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attacks on local church community and anti-semitic rhetoric as well so obvious people going to come into power in ukraine you say ok. i can't imagine that these people themselves would come into power in the ukraine the european union itself wouldn't accept that of course they are simply hoping to ride the tiger of those nationals to violence and hope to see one of the more moderate candidates which of lost complete control of the situation but i think that observers should pay closer attention to two flags that they will see flying over these protests one of them is the three fingered blue and yellow salut of the liberal neo nazi small boat up party led by oleg china bach and this is a man who is considered one of the opposition leaders and has posed with european and us political leaders calling for revolution on the stage of my don.
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the other one is the red and black fags of what is now being called the right sector probably sector which is a coalition a loose coalition of ultra nationalist right wing groups that can be described as both arion anti-semitic and this includes white hammer the patriots of the ukraine una un s o and. several other ultranationalist groups and a large number of literal football hooligans that have been called out on the streets via social media these people have not only been attacking the police and it's not only the jewish congress it is concerned about this but as the nation magazine in the united states is reported this morning there have been multiple attacks on left wing protesters within the independence square themselves feminists gay rights protesters labor union activists and socialists have all been attacked by these ultranationalists which at this point form the majority of the activists
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out there not only on my down square but on her chest mr ok and not just getting reports that the opposition is about to me is the ukrainian president in a huff now it's time for me appointing. how is it going to pan out can we expect anything good. i don't think we're going to see anything at this point i can't imagine that the mainstream protest leaders. are willing at this point to separate themselves from this right sector or from the spill bona party violence they have not denounced them so far they have used the government buildings that they have seized as their own headquarters i can't imagine that they would denounce the violence and i can't imagine that the government is going to back down at this point because polls show that the majority of the citizens of the ukraine are disenchanted with the protests that have in-laws in kiev itself they're afraid to leave their homes. they want order restored to the streets and they want these
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protesters particularly the ultra nationalists who were jordi of which you come from the western ukraine frankly driven back to live off when they come. in not feel about this in international relations lecture and research from the moscow state university thank you very bank you for sharing your views on this we appreciate it. so the riots in care highlighted the rise in nationalist movements and extremism in the country at the forefront of the bonbons is believed to be an ultra right movement known as the right sex had made up mostly of young people a statement has emerged on the internet that said she may from there when i say should and essentially calls for a revolution and political commentator alexander the cross and believes them breast is pushing ukraine to the brink. ah ah. ah.
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah in taking two they took a as basically a merging a in key of and i think what there's more warring is that the so called nationalists basically extremists who are trying to create there were more chaos and more mess these extremists basically saying that terrorists the more that the position is itself or acknowledge that the situation is getting out of control and how can we can any why they say that these people for example are protesting against the government's decision not to join the e.u. often we see them attacking police with molotov cocktails and he has no bricks and mortar and so on and basically breaking all the rules of civil society took two to
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an extent that these are criminal gangs basically. here with us in the studio as well has witnessed some of the rioting over the past few weeks in kiev and basically what have you seen that i have to see right now. is nothing like there was a month ago when i was there literally this really looks like i would say a country or at least a city on the brink of a civil war if you could we could have actually expected something like this largely because like i said there have been there have been these numerous groups of i guess you could call them alter nationalists that have been that have been very active in one point and i'm just speaking from personal experience at one point it did look like they were. trying to find a way or a cause in order to let all of their young boiling aggression out but remind us again. well it started as a murder started
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a. korean president all of a sudden decided to go back on the initial plans to. sign a document with europe and then even a couple of weeks afterwards it turned into this anti-government protest of huge anti-government protests and now we have people yelling revolution now we have. burning on the street it looks like i don't know something out of the literally out of a war zone we have people who are actually now being killed i mean we're talking about what three four dead at this point there are still. confirmation and we have seen just literally minutes ago while i was running here the last thing that i saw were two people who were boarded on stretchers and taken away by ambulances couldn't tell exactly who they were but this is this is serious and we're looking at right now it's really frightening this is in the very center of the very center of ukrainian capital and if you read for example of the twitter feed it just it does
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look really does look frightening especially because. for a while some of the most active protests protesters were. writing posts on facebook. they were constantly saying that blood is going to be spilled blood is going to be spilled it's like there are profits that they were trying to make a profit out of some sort of tragedy happening i don't know why anybody would want to do that but it looks like you know they're there. they're promises of threats i would say actually coming. by the way we're bringing you live pictures from kiev right now they're coming to see. agents say. the media are blaming the ukrainian authorities for what's going on in the country but. they actually say basically they did on. which. i have lost my wife is originally from the ukraine and i have.
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what they are saying is they're afraid to leave their homes originally just that night but now during the day as well they want law and order stored to the streets they are extremely angry at president because they want him to crack down on the protesters they want to feel safe in their own homes they don't want to have to pass through checkpoints with. manned by masked people. wielding clubs and knives i mean this is what we're at but it's something that our previous speaker brought up that i want to specify these protests are extremely bad and they look as horrific as they are but the size of them should not be over estimated. at the height of the my don protests we did not see two hundred thousand
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people regularly on a weekly occasion. trickled down. during the week to a few hundred people and only swell during the weekends when the buses and convoys came in from the western ukraine bringing protesters in all right now and as you can see in the pictures there really aren't that many people out there those apps and both my don and really just with a street all together there's only a few thousand people so we can talk about a civil war and there's a lot of violence exactly and you mentioned previously as well and it has been increasingly we're firing towards going out in a cave as a bottle right and he also said he doesn't rule out civil war do you think it could happen how. could it happen i guess it could happen all the twats who are there there is a huge. geo political divide between the east and west that is being played out as an identity divide the people from the west not feel that people from the east and
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west do not feel at all close to each other and in fact many have called the ukraine a manufactured state trying to create a nation ethnically the modulus nation out of different various groups to fill its borders. so violence could happen but i don't think at this point the majority of the people of the ukraine on either side want to see violence we can see just restricted to the few thousand ultranationalists in the capital at this point we can hope that the violence the deaths don't inflame it any further but the most recent polls by the research in branding group show that the majority of the ukrainian population at this point has turned against them by don by about sixty percent compared to forty five percent that still supported this and this was a month ago and i would imagine that those numbers have the support from my don have gone down even further because of the violence and the chaos that is being shown on the t.v. screens of every family in the ukraine even the riot nationalists ultra
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nationalists. all the groups do they realize that they will need to stay united or work out some sort of united demands to. how are they going to. work together well the various national groups of course have slightly different. manifesto. and competition among those for small leaders but they generally share the same goals and vision of the ukraine . conservative national state but what must be stretched is that these people do not at all want the ukraine to be part of the european union they're finally against what they are against is the government and they are against the people of the east in the south of ukraine who form part of their identity with association with russia and these ultra nationalists are extremely not only anti-semitic in the
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area and but because well actually if i could just go back to. the numbers of people who are the people on the my who are the protesters you're absolutely right they were talking about bringing about millions of people at one point that never happened when they claimed there was a million people there was the most about three hundred thousand most of the time there were maybe seven thousands of people and on them i don and that's at the hyatt you know the day of protests which would be like at night when people would come back from work but still we have all heard of our filming crew. and they have overheard people talking on the phone and confessing to them in person saying that in fact some of them are were being paid and they were not leaving until they get the money that was of the people that were staying there overnight sort of keeping out the impression that this is an ongoing thing and people are dying for you know literally ready to stay there for as long as it takes and then there were others who told us that you know they were being they were brought from western ukraine by
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buses. and they were left at my down and told and told that the buses are going to come back at night well they're nineteen but the buses didn't so the people were forced to stay there for the next day the day afterwards and they afterwards they were they were being told that there are no buses to take you sorry guys this is this is the stuff that unfortunately you cannot film but this is the stuff that's happening and nobody ever talks about it. right now as. i know correspondent. is ready to join us right now alexei wants the latest i will can you tell us now. well things are a little calmer a little calmer sometimes of the noise produced literally ten minutes ago but this reminds of a tug of war situation we saw less than an hour ago the first the second attempt during this day that the police tried to push the rioters off the government built
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a corner here in central kiev. to push them off to basically where i'm standing right now literally. the position that my vantage point where i'm standing right now set up a better than the riot just came back again charging at the police and pushed them all the square then in ten minutes ten minutes later the boldest made another charge at the right and again pushed them back and as you can see the situation because again. it is very very violent here would see scuffles we've seen lots of rocks molotov cocktails different type of project. different type of steel bars and clubs thrown at the police the protesters rushing charging and attacking the policemen there were not much violence coming from that. of the right police but definitely this situation has been a very very tense. we can also hear flash bangs exploding from time to time and
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it's really hard to say where this all going to go because today marks a special occasion of the grateful. you need to date and the opposition called on hundreds of thousands to take to the streets for a march and provided the circumstances we're seeing over here right now it's hard to say how this march may end up so we are in a hotbed of tension looks like a war zone here in central and central. city. of now a war zone as you heard i hope so if all this goes on what could this lead to mentally. well klitschko has mentioned the possibility of civil war if the government doesn't meet his demands of the democratically elected government of ukraine and dissolve itself and certainly from our cameras right now we we can see a lot of violent my c.d.'s and we can all see flyers things look arithmetic and in an extremely small downtown section or so as i was through they are but we should i
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think keep this in perspective. these manage the protests it's a can't even really be described as a mass protest but a relatively small right of a few thousand at this point is confined to one small downtown. street and another street of kiev we haven't seen significant protests of anywhere near this large or violent of scale in the rest of ukraine. i think at this point the talk of civil war is as far as all the indications at this point is a little bit overblown but again we can only hope and pray that things don't get better with time to say what of cool sounding not just a small group of people but to launch masa groups of people in the ukraine i'm not happy about that country's economy and how do you think these crash tests can i wasn't able to come to that interest economy that yeah well the nothing would have
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undermined the country is economy more than the neoliberal shock therapy economic suicide pact that was the e.u. association agreement and the deep and comprehensive free trade agreement with the i.m.f. conditionality that the opposition at least the original public opposition leaders wanted the ukraine to sign ukraine economy is in a bad state and these protests were of course only make it worse but the country is now getting this. repeated payments. fons and support from russia. all indications are that the. trade the free trade area between russia and the ukraine is once again going at full speed and even the stock market the international stock market the numbers for the ukraine picked up as soon as the deal with russia was signed so i don't think there's any immediate danger of economic collapse i think there's a more
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a danger of this identity battle that is being played out in the ukraine. and i think one of the most important things we should consider is that we see that this violence comes from a few thousand ultranationalists and there's always trying to make a distinction between them and the peaceful protesters on the my god. we should know that the peaceful protesters there have been cheerleading and supporting on these ultranationalists they are calling out to them good boys death to the enemies they are literally cheer leading them on and when the opposition leaders such as klitschko make the rhetorical statements about not supporting the violence despite continuing to occupy the government buildings that these people have seized and never denouncing them. we've seen that the vast majority of the protesters have lost faith with these moderate opposition leaders they want to see action they want to see blood on the streets of the ukraine if they don't get their demands so this
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supposedly between the ultra nationalists and the peaceful protesters out there is a little grayer than it should appear at first protest as want to fool my own palm and is going to have legitimacy in the eyes of that western support. well the u.s. and the e.u. have kind of a history of recognizing undemocratically elected parliaments of insurgent and opposition groups that share that there. foreign policy interests . syria we see at least rhetorical support for the completely and utterly failed parliament. however. i think that with the violence that we're seeing i don't think that the u.s. and e.u. would go so far as to legitimize this parliament at this. i have.
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i actually have a question for you. of already where we are hearing about sanctions from possible sanctions from the united states towards the grange what would happen what would happen if for example several several police were set on fire in the united states by the protesters the reaction by. well we have seen exactly that in the ukraine there have been pictures of a widely circulated in the russian and ukrainian press or that we haven't seen much i'm sorry i think we have to interrupt you because i think we have our correspondent there who is in kiev peter all over i think we can. actually piece it all away is working and kate right now until we can go live peter what's going out what's going on where you are right now. over the last hour or so we've seen a very large influx of people both here to come to my down the square and over to
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where the did now miss stadium is where we saw barricades being set up and i headed out ongoing standoff between police and protesters so huge numbers arrived here and over there the street in between not supposed to have people right now now police have tried to clear. those barricades in front of the did i was stage and we saw several charges by riot police into into the riots is that they were well but really they would some of the be see either with the study where anywhere in the world. there are a lot of demonstrators one of them just coming in to shop there. after these these clashes between police and riot is we we saw several police several rioters on the floor afterward so people are being beat her to miss but when the police moved in it was a huge sea of people stampeding away we were in amongst all of that and were able to to to.